JavaScript are not analyzed (Error when running: 'node -v')

Hi all
I just went to the migration path from SonarQube version 6.x - 7.9.4 - 8.9.2. Since 8.2 it is needed to have nodeJs installation in place (from documentation).
At the moment I create my own Docker image as far as there where no one in version 6.x. So I also install node 14 by my self and put it into the search path.
If I call node -v on the container I get:

sh-4.2$ node -v

This mean it can be executed. But I’m not sure if I also need internet access or nodeJs is needing it to download stuff. Internet access it not set up so far.
Do anyone have a hint why it is not working?

Thank you very much in advance for your help
Regards Rapha

I read the documentation JavaScript / TypeScript | SonarQube Docs not properly. NodeJs have to be installed on the execution side and not on the SonarQube side.
So I added into my Jenkins slave maven Docker image NodeJs and the analyzing of JavaScript is working.

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