Java Compiler warning support

Does sonarqube(v6.7.6) support java compiler warnings? i want to configure the gate with some rules on number of java compiler warnings. Does sonarqube supports that?


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First, 6.7.6 is past EOL. You should upgrade at your earliest convenience:

6.7.6 -> 7.9.4 -> 8.4.2 (this last step is optional)

Second, analysis assumes compilable code. You may find a few rules available that correspond to compiler warnings, but in general we’ve assumed that the compiler is satisfied by the time you get to analysis.


So, Sonar has not any plan to support this?

To answer your question, no, there is currently no planned support for reporting compiler warnings.

Now, like @ganncamp mentioned, the compilation is expected to be done before-hand and warnings are therefore not available for analysis. Our java analyzer does not recompile the files to get access to these warnings.


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