Display compiler warnings in sonarqube

we are currently deciding if we want to evaluate SonarQube (Cxx Family) in our company.
Therefore we’d like to know beforehand if it is possible to display MSVC and clang compilation errors/warnings in the SonarQube UI as well- along with the static check warnings that are produced by SonarQube anyways.

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Hi Stephan,

Welcome to the community.

Unfortunately, the Cxx plugin is not supported in this community. You should direct your questions to that plugin’s GH issues.


Hi- thank you for the reply!
I think i formulated my question poorly, i am not reffering to the open source plugin [1], but rather to the official sonarsource SonarCFamily plugin [2].
Sorry for the ambiguity :slight_smile:

[1] https://github.com/SonarOpenCommunity/sonar-cxx
[2] https://docs.sonarqube.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=7996665

Hi Stephan,

Compile warnings are not picked up as issues by analysis. All SonarQube analysis assumes compilable/runnable code so that lets out compile errors too.


Ok, and there is no way to manually import the warnings after the build is done?


It depends on how much effort you’re willing to put into it. :smiley:

You could parse the build logs, convert the warnings to Generic Issues, and feed that report into analysis.