Sonnar-scanner emit warnings to the error pipeline

  • versions used
    SonarQube: 6.7.3 ,

  • error observed
    Warnings generated by plugins are emited to the error pipeline, therefore some orchestrators interpret that as an error in the execution of the Analysis

  • steps to reproduce
    Using TFS to manage build process and introducing the Sonar analysis step, the build always fail because the the warnings are emited to the error pipeline:

2018-10-08T17:15:25.4956759Z 12:15:25.495 DEBUG: Sensors : C# -> Coverage Report Import -> Coverage Report Import -> Unit Test Results Import -> SonarTS -> SonarTS Coverage -> ROSEN Typescript Structure Sensor -> Zero Coverage Sensor -> CPD Block Indexer
2018-10-08T17:15:25.4956759Z 12:15:25.495 INFO: Sensor C# [csharp]
2018-10-08T17:15:25.4956759Z 12:15:25.495 INFO: SonarAnalyzer.Scanner needs to be executed: true
2018-10-08T17:15:26.0728722Z **##[error]**12:15:25.495 WARN: ***********************************************************************************
12:15:25.495 WARN: * Use MSBuild 14 to get the best analysis results *
12:15:25.495 WARN: * The use of MSBuild 12 or the sonar-scanner to analyze C# projects is DEPRECATED *
12:15:25.495 WARN: ***********************************************************************************

( No, I cannot use the sonarqube analysis extension mainly because: CSharp plugin able to be loaded by sonar-scanner for mixed languages projects )