Issues do not show up in details for a Pull Request

For one of our projects the Pull Request validation shows issues in the overview:

However, when clicking on “38” or going to the Issues tab it never finds any results (even when I clear all filters):

Also, and this might or might not be related, for these Pull Requests we will also get violationsdecorated at our PR about files (in this case: some flyway sql files) which were not touched within the PR.

Seems to me from the outside like some indexing is going wrong. Can we do something to retriogger that? Is this a bug and if so could you please fix it? We are still evaluation SonarCloud for usage, so now getting bombarded with non-relevant comments from Sonar in the PR does not establish trust in our developer base.


In fact, we made some changes to indexing over the weekend and subsequently had some problems but those have been fixed for about a day now. Can you re-check this?


Actually I fixed the root cause myself, although the issue might be affected by the bug you mentioned.

So, this repository we were analysing was set up differently than our other projects. In the end the base directory was one directory below, because we checked out first the pipeline and the repository itself. SO in the end it seems like the files ended up in the diff, because I think it treaded all files differently, because they were located at a subdirectory (i.e.: Original files for master were available at /…, wheras our source branch was then available at /my-repo/…)

So we set the projectBaseDir accordingly and this works now like a charm.

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