Issue when running build-wrapper with QNX compiler (qcc)

Hi All,

We are trying to cross-compile our QNX application on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) platform using qcc and QCC compilers, and we saw the following error at the early stage of building. Could anyone share some thoughts on it? The build could run smoothly without build-wrapper.

Downloaded build-wrapper directly from our SonarQube instance.
SonarQube version: 8.5.1
C and CXX compiler: QCC 5.4.0

build-wrapper: socket: Function not implemented


Hi @liyifan333,

according to this error message it seems like you are using a linux build where sockets are disabled. What linux distribution are you using? Would you be able to run on a distribution with sockets?

Hi @mpaladin,

Thanks for reply. We are using Ubuntu 20.04, and I am not aware if the socket are disabled. Could you please advise how I can check it?


Hi @liyifan333,

did you manage to solve the issue?

Hi @mpaladin,

We have fixed the issue. Thank you!

Hi @liyifan333,

great to hear that, what was the issue?

what was the fix? I am facing same issue, Redhat machine and QNX compiler

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