Cannot download build-wrapper from documented URL


(Kory Miller) #1

This is my first time posting here, as well as my first time working with SonarQube. I am not a developer, but I am a Systems Admin supporting a SonarQube installation. One of the developers sent me the documentation he found online regarding downloading the C/C++ Build Wrapper. The document mentions downloading the files from: http://localhost:9000/static/cpp/, however, that directory does not appear to exist on our site. Could someone help point me in the right direction?


(Nicolas Bontoux) #2

Hi Kory,

Since we’re talking analysis of C/C++ code here, let’s start from the beginning in order of importance:

  • you must first make sure that Analysis of C/C++/Obj-C code is enabled on your SonarQube instance (it’s a commercial feature)
  • once it’s active on your SonarQube instance (and make sure to be on latest version), then you can follow the SonarCFamily documentation indeed. For example for C/C++ on Linux:

You can download the Build Wrapper directly from your SonarQube Server, so that its version perfectly matches your version of the plugin:
Build Wrapper for Linux can be downloaded from URL http://localhost:9000/static/cpp/

(localhost obviously being if you’re running it locally where SonarQube is running)

(Kory Miller) #3

It appears that we installed the community edition, I do have a key, so I’m in the process of upgrading, let me get that taken care of and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for your quick reply!

(Kory Miller) #4

Just wanted to follow up and let you know that updating to the Enterprise edition and rebooting the server worked for me. I am now able to download the files without any issue!

Thank you!