Error 404 when trying to download build-wrapper

Hey. I am trying to setup a SonarQube to analyze my C language project.

I am following video guide :

I have SonarQube server setup on my Ubuntu VM and can access it via IP (

I have downloaded SonarScanner CLI on my windows machine. I use this machine to write code.

I have then tried to install build-wrapper as said in the instructions below:

One thing that I am not sure about, should I download windows build-wrapper or Linux build-wrapper ? Since my SonarQube server runs on Linux and my local machine that I want to analyze from is Windows, I am not fully sure.

Anyways, it does not seem to work as I am getting error 404:

Hey there.

It seems you’ve run into the same thing as here;

Do you mean that I cannot reach/download the file due to my SonarQube version being Community?

If I request a Trial for Developer Edition, can I upgrade the version from Community edition to Developer edition via the WEB interface ( without reinstalling the SonarQube?


You will need to install the Developer Edition. You cannot upgrade edition via the web interface. You can upgrade if you’ve connected an external database.

Could you clarify to me about installing the developer edition using the docker image as I find the instructions to be a little unclear.

When installing the Community Edition, I simply executed just 2 commands on my VM:

sudo docker pull sonarqube


sudo docker run -d --name sonarqube -e SONAR_ES_BOOTSTRAP_CHECKS_DISABLE=true -p 9000:9000 sonarqube:latest

The 2 commands were all I needed to setup sonarqube on my VM server.

How do I select that I want to use Developer edition when following these stages?

You can choose a different tag, like sonarqube:10.4.1-developer

That makes sense. I have requested a trial to test the Developer version :slight_smile: I will post back with the results once I set everything up

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