Issue downgrading from Enterprise edition to Developer edition on a linux/ubuntu instance

We are getting SonarQube is offline error after downgrading from Enterprise edition ( sonarqube-enterprise- to the developer edition. We are using sonarqube-developer- version. I am using the same properties as the old installation. We are using the AAD plugin (1.3.1) which I have upgraded as well,
It would be great if anyone can help us out is identifying and fixing the issue.

Hi @ayush355 and welcome to the community :wave:

what do the logs say? Troubleshooting | SonarQube Docs

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Hi - looking at the sonar.log looks it looks like it is not able to start the web process, however the es is up and running.

es.log (5.0 KB)
sonar.log (2.1 KB)
web.log (8.5 KB)

the issue was fixed. it was reindexing issue

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