Is there any option to restrict users about rules tab in sonarqube community edition

  • sonarqube community edition 9.9
  • how is SonarQube deployed:plugin in jenkins
  • we are looking for global permission to restrict rules tab . basically we want a group access who can only view and edit.create update rules in sonarqube.

Hey there.

Only users who can Administer Quality Profiles can take any meaningful action in the Rules tab. There is no way to hide it for users – how useful would SonarQube be if you couldn’t actually see the rules?

Hi Colin,
My requirement is to restrict users to update/edit the rules .As we deal with multiple teams, we dont want to give admin rights to all the rules in sonarqube… basically we are looking for rules specific to team can view their own rules and cant view other team rules…so is there any user/group permission available in sonarqube ?

No. You can restrict who can edit Quality Profiles (and thus any rules that allow customization, or the activation of rules), but you cannot isolate seeing different Quality Profiles by users.

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