Can I specify a rule set on the client side?



Can I specify a rule set on the client side?
and how ?

There are lots of projects and teams in our sonarqube,it’s hard to create qualityProfile for each project.
i want the result targeting the team and Scanner run faster.

(G Ann Campbell) #2


What you’re asking isn’t possible. Note that you can grant admin permissions on individual Quality Profiles, so it would be possible to create empty profiles and hand over the administration of each one to the appropriate team.



can it work ?like this :rofl:



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Actually, yes. That will work. I’ve even done it on a very specialized project once.

If you really want to go to that amount of work, it should do what you want. But don’t ask me for help untangling your configurations. :smile:

And BTW, it would be easier to manage a setup like this through the UI, and a “mere” project admin has all the permissions needed to do that.