Is there any automated way to copy newly added rules in custom profiles?

Hello Sonar Community Members,

Is there any automated way where we can directly copy newly added rules in custom profiles ?

My Custom profile is “Default” Profile but as I understood newly added rules were added in “Sonarway” built in profile … Please confirm.

Can we get notification for newly added rules ?


There’s some messaging on the Quality Profile list, but no notifications and no good way to automate this (unless you’re really into scripting, I guess).

If you want to see what new rules have been added in the default profile that aren’t in your custom profile, you can do a profile comparison (under the cog menu in the list of profiles).

To add new rules:

  • Go to the Sonar way profile page
  • Click on the active rule count to get the list of rules in the profile
  • Bulk Change-> Activate in… → [pick your profile]

The rules that aren’t already in your profile will be added. You could then use the audit trail on the custom profile to see what got added.