Is there an option to compare issues present in master with its branches in a single dashboard in SonartCloud UI

We are using SonarCloud and analysing master and its branches…

In the SonarCloud UI both are visible separately but not in a single dashboard even when we click on a Drop Down it takes to different dashboard for master as well as its branches…

Please Help if it can be done and visible both in a single dashboard in SonarCloud.

This is not possible. Can you express why you would need this? What’s the use case?

With the help of that we can make sure how the branches are efficient compared to master and we can further merge it.

It can even help in comparing the different branches and take a decision on which efficient branch can be merged into the master.

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Can you please tell us which service you are using? GitHub, BitbucketCloud or Azure DevOps?

We are usig GitLab which is similar to GitHub.:sunglasses:

Currently, GitLab is not supported.