Can't see multiple branches/PRs in SoundCloud UI

Hi :wave:

First of all, SonarCloud has been awesome and it helped us improve quality of our code, awesome job guys!

I’m trying to integrate SonarCloud more into our dev flow and as a part of that I was hoping to use SonarCloud on all of our remote branches (GitHub) and PRs. I read a few posts and read documentation but failed to actually have multiple branches show up in the UI :confused: Right now it’s only showing master. We have GitHub integration and a payed plan.

I have a few questions:

  • We have and if I understood this right one needs to have in order to register an extra branch?
  • How does that work if we want to show all the branches always?
  • Any idea of why we would not see multiple branches in the UI? :grimacing:
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Hi Nikola,

Welcome to our community :slight_smile: And thank you for your feedbacks :slight_smile:

It’s possible to show multiple branches with their analysis on SonarCloud. You have to click the drop-down to see them and select them.

Branches analysis should be configured when launching the analysis.
What CI do you use to trigger your analysis ?


Hi! :wave:

Thank you for screenshots and the explanation! I tried to find that arrow and it looks like it’s not enabled. Here’s the screenshot:

We use CircleCI!

Thanks again for all the help!


That’s why you see only one branch.
The property must be pass to the scanner used to run the analysis.
This property must be used for Long living branch only.

If you want to analyze a pull request, you must pass other properties. See documentation here.