How to compare different branches of a same project in SonarQube?

Hi ,

I am using SonarQube 7.1 version

How can we compare different branches of a project and show it on a single dashboard in soanarqube.

Please provide a screenshot if already implemented and share the procedure…help


Sorry but I am confused, the title and the content mention two different questions. Do you want to compare different projects or different branches of a single project?

Also can you explain with more details what you mean by compare?

Hi Benoit,

Sorry for the confusion you are true I want to compare two branches of a single project and show it on a single dashboard,which can show various metrics of the project.


In old versions of sonarqube (6.0 an earlier) there was the “compare” option/plugin that allowed to compare the different analyzed versions of the same project.
It seems that currently this plugin / option is deprecated (6.7 and later)…

I don´t know if someone can expand this information, maybe still avaliable in developer or enterprise edition…


I think its better to compare different branches and its metrics than analyzing the different versions,which defaults to master. As we are using the Community Edition I cannot see the branch analysis in the SonarQube Dashboard please help in this scenario if you can help.

Rajaneesh K

First, branch support is only available on Developer Edition.
It’s not possible to compare different branches, you can have a high level dashboard of multiple project with the governance feature of Enterprise Edition.