Is there a way to test a quality profile against a repo without changing the repo to use that quality profile?

I want to see what the result would be without fully changing it over.

Hi @StingyJack. As our documentation say: it is not possible. Why you don’t simple switch the profile temporary?

Because that switches it for everyone so any analysis that is run as part of a normal pipeline while that is temporarily switched is using experimental analysis settings. Also the QP has to be switched back.

Sure. You can suggest this feature and maybe we could do it in the future!

Arent I already in a suitable place for that? Does the product team really only look there for customer needs and not in the Get Help section?

Hello @StingyJack,

Just for me to better understand, are you looking to test for detailed analysis results, specific metrics, or the quality gate in general?

In addition, if the project you are working on is public, you could create a fork and scan it in your own account. Quality profiles can be easily exported / imported so that you wouldn’t have to re-create the configuration from scratch.

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I want to test a quality profile against a project or set of projects in a “what if”. By Quality Profile, I mean just the collection of rules that makes up a QP.

I added a feature request here:

Please comment if you have any feedback or other ideas that may help.