Quality Profile for multiple projects (but not default)

Must-share information:

  • version used: SonarQube Enterprise Edition Version 9.5 (build 56709)
  • objective: set Quality Profile for multiple repositories using a regular expression (so that also SonarQube projects not created yet will have the QP desired) BUT keeping another QP as default
  • tried so far: looking at documentation I couldn’t find any easy solution

Dear all,

I would like to set the Quality Profile based on a Git project or a regular expression on ProjectKeys, without modifying the default QP (because otherwise it would change for all the projects).
Googling it and looking at the documentation Link I couldn’t find anything available. Can you please help me?

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Riccardo,

This functionality simply isn’t available.

Feel free to flesh out the Product Manager for a Day topic template information in this thread and re-categorize this topic.