Is there a way to export a sonarcloud quality profile into a .editorconfig file format so it can be used with sonarlint locally

We have a few quality profiles in sonarcloud that we would like to be able to run locally via SonarLint before pushing code and creating a PR. Is that available as an option ? I see the “Backup” option but thats not editorconfig friendly.

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You can configure SonarLint in your IDE to bind to the project on SonarCloud. Then it will use the quality profile as configured on SonarCloud. The exact way to make this connection depends on your IDE. Look around in your settings, or let us know if you need further help to activate this.

The products are designed to work together nicely, so you don’t need to manually synchronize configuration as you attempted.


@janos - My settings for the VS extension have only this…

I dont see how I am supposed to be binding anything. I have a “Connect to SonarQube” but there isnt anything informing me of what this wants.

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This wiki page should help:

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Thanks. Could not find that when searching for “SonarLint SonarCloud” and similar searches.