Is there a limit on build node (client) connections?

I have SonarQube Community Edition 8.4.1 installed.
This is a POC evaluation as a potential replacement for existing static analysis tool.

Question: Is there a limit to the number of clients that can invoke analysis to a SonarQube Community Edition server?

I have numerous Jenkins nodes executing builds. Some of those nodes are on dedicated computers, and some are dynamically provisioned in containers. I might have 10-50 different Jenkins nodes at any given time that would attempt to request analysis from the SonarQube server.

Our current static code analysis tool license prevents us from invoking analysis from more than two different hosts/computers (based on MAC address).

I can’t find any documentation on this from SonarQube so I can only assume there are no limits on the number of computers/hosts/nodes that can invoke analysis.

Same/similar question for SonarLint as well. Are they are limitations on how many IDE clients can use the plugin and communicate with the server?


Welcome to the community!

There are no license-based limits. To be transparent on this, analysis talks to the server via web requests. One (a couple?) at the beginning to get data to feed into the analysis (e.g. which rules to apply) and one at the end to submit the analysis report to the server for processing. So there may be a practical limit around bandwidth &etc. but we don’t impose any artificial ones.

Those analysis reports I mentioned are submitted to the server and then queued for processing. So if you’ve got 50 analyses running at one time, some folks are going to end up waiting around for their project analyses to be complete because below Enterprise Edition($$) there’s only one thread processing analysis reports.


Thank you, Ann, for the thorough response!