SonarScanner Running Concurrently - License Limit Hit

Version: Developer Edition, Integrated with Jenkins

Error Observed: Having a particular issue when running multiple SonarScanner at the same time, some PR jobs ran at the same time and figure out an error in the license limit hit, does SonarQube support concurrent jobs and this will sum the number of the code?

Thanks in advance


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There’s no limit on the number of concurrent analyses you can run. What you will see is that even if you’re in a commercial edition (EE) with multiple CE workers to handle background tasks in parallel, reports from branches/PRs of the same project won’t be processed in parallel.

What error message are you seeing?


Hi Ann,

Thanks for your response, within Jenkins seems to pass ok the scanner but in the SonarQube Web Page, I see the error below only in a specific branch and the PR related to that branch

Is there any recommendation to validate the number of lines sent back to the SonarQube server?

Thanks for your help

Hi Romell

Sorry, but there’s currently no good way to know how many LOC are in your analysis until after the server has processed the analysis report. A bit of a catch 22, I know.

You might start by double-checking the settings for that analysis. You can dump the scanner’s working settings to file with -Dsonar.scanner.dumpToFile=[file name].


Hi again Ann,

Appreciate a lot your response, in addiition, I wonder if there is a way to look how many lines of code are scanned by month?

In that way I can see if there is an average per month and do some estatisctical data anaylisis to keep the lines limit in good shape


Hi Romell,

Generally you’re going to be analyzing the same lines of code (or the same projects) over and over again, so when you’re trying to keep an eye on LOC growth, how many LOC are scanned in a month isn’t really helpful.

What you can do is check the License page (Administration->Configuration->License Manager) for your current server-wide LOC count. That information is also included in the System info bundle (Administration->System->Download System Info) albeit in a less readable form.

If you’re worried about suddenly running out of capacity, you should be aware that your server will automatically send you a notification when you reach a certain threshold on your LOC allowance. I think the default is 80%(?) but it’s editable so you can set the threshold low, and re-set it at higher increments as your instance grows if you like.


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