Is sonarcloud extension in azure dashboard can show detailed report such as in the dashboard sonarcloud overview?

  • ALM used : Azure DevOps
  • CI system used : Azure DevOps
  • Scanner command used when applicable : CLI

hello all,

so I’ve been workin’ around with sonarcloud for about 4 days, but I’ve been given a task to how to expand the report detail in azure dashboard to show such as overview dashboard, issues, and many else that showed on the sonarcloud dashboard. any suggest?

thank you

Hi @rizkyfaza20 , welcome to the community.

I’m afraid this is not currently possible, the only widget available is the one with the Quality Gate status.

There’s no easy workaround here, going to SonarCloud dashboard is the best solution nowadays.


hello mickael,

thanks for the reply, it seems I’ve been realizing that the widget wasn’t purposed to expand the overview dashboard. but how if I’m adding the embedded url and add it to the iframe widget in azure devops? is it can be implemented?

thank you

We haven’t tested it to be honest, but you can give it a try, not sure how it will be behave however with the authentication.

okay then thanks for the answer. have a great day