Is OrganizationKey applicable to OnPrem?

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Version 8.9.1 (build 44547)

I installed SonarLint on VSCode because I was trying to access 3rd party Apex rules (from CodeScan) that we use with SQ. I learned SonarLint can not access 3rd party rules. So I de-installed SonarLint and installed CodeScan… hoping CodeScan could access the 3rd party rules in SQ.

Im getting a “Internal Error” in the bottom right corner of VSC and it is pointing to the settings.json. I’m assuming the error is driven by my settings.json file. The CodeScan instructions indicate that I need to provide the OrganizationKey from in SQ? But… I do not see the OrgKey anywhere… Is the OrgKey only applicable to the SaaS version of SQ?

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Yes, OrganizationKey is for SonarCloud, not SonarQube. Please see and the section “For Self-Hosted CodeScan” for more info.


Ah… I missed that. Thanks Joe !
I think my issue with CodeScan is the JDK 11 requirement. Onto that next.

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