Is it possible to change the Generic Avatar used for projects?

This is just a small usability/nicety uses:
Is it possible to customise the Generic Avatar shown on each project in SonarCloud on the top left?

Hey there.

Today, it’s not possible (althrough technically the initials used in the avatar are derived from the project name, which can be changed by passing a different sonar.projectName at analysis time).

Do you have something in mind (an image, different initials, something else?) that would make it more usable?

What I would like to do is just upload an image as avatar (read as “logo” of the project, like a “W” logo for WordPress or any other Logo of a project), but, I was thinking, perhaps we could use (if available) GitHub Social Image (which can be set for the project in GitHub) or some other service, if the concern is about hosting images on sonar cloud (which could probably get resource heavy if thousands of users upload avatars of their projects to their accounts)?

It is no big deal at all, just makes it look a tad more nice, and I am relatively visual oriented, so for example it takes a blink of an eye to spot the “WordPress W” amongst hundreds of images, while it takes me minutes to spot the word WordPress or even WP amongst a relatively narrow list of words.
So it would help organising and finding projects faster.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve moved your post to Suggest New Features since this isn’t possible today.

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