Github Enterprise / SonarQube integration don't follow slug convention naming


We use use SonarQube (Enterprise edition)
I try to make an integration between GitHub Enterprise and SonarQube.

Everything works fine (PR decoration, check…) except the naming of my project is not as expected.
I’d would like to have something like Org/project-name but have only project-name in my UI.

How can I fix that ?

Hi @altus34 and welcome to our community :slight_smile:
I’m not sure I fully understand your problem.
Are you referring to this field in the configuration of your project?


Hi @Christophe_Havard,

I’ve not the same screen you have but pretty the same like this.

But if you look close your own screenshot you can see your name is GHE_Matrix don’t contains the Org level.

What about if you have two projects in two different organisation with the same name ?


Hi @altus34 ,
You are right, this is a good feedback, thanks!
Unfortunately, today there is no way to change the project’s name after creation. Plus, when you create a project from the onboarding (the “wizard” when you click on “Add project” and select GitHub for example).

The only I’m thinking of right now is changing the scanner command and pass the project’s name you want (with sonar.projectName). If the project do not exist, it will be created with the name you want.

I’m not 100% sure of myself, but it might be worth trying :wink:


Hi @Christophe_Havard

Awesome it’s working!

Thank you very much for your help.



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