Project name can not be changed

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We would like to change the name of a project in SonarCloud. We already changed it in gitlab itself and I read that it should be picked up automatically. But that wasn’t the case. We still have the old name in SonarCloud.

I was able to change the project key but not the name itself.
How can I perform this change?

Thanks in advance

Hey there.

You can change the project name by passing a new sonar.projectName via analysis parameters.

Thanks for the tip. It didn’t work (yet) though.
We configure SonarCloud through the ‘’-file where I added

But the change was not visible in the SonarCloud-UI.
Did I do sth. wrong? OR are there other things we could try?

Have you scanned your main branch with this change?

yes, several times

So when I returned to work after the weekend the new project name was there in the UI.
Seems to me like a cache problem but the fix to declare the projects name in ultimately worked.

thanks for the help

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