Rename project name in SonarCloud

Hi everyone, how can I rename my project under Sonar Cloud? Please refer below:

I would like to update the project name into something else. I’ve tried to use Project Name option in my Azure build pipeline. But it seems not working. Please refer below:

  • ALM: Azure DevOps
  • CI system used: Azure DevOps
  • Languages of the repository: C#

Hi @nur.salikeen

Changing the value of the “Project Name” field should indeed change the name of the Project on SonarCloud.

I notice you use the standalone scanner to analyze the project.
Here is an example of the SonarCloudPrepare task, in YAML. Changing the name on the cliProjectName property changed it successfully on SonarCloud.

- task: SonarCloudPrepare@1
    SonarCloud: 'xxx'
    organization: 'xxx'
    scannerMode: 'CLI'
    configMode: 'manual'
    cliProjectKey: 'xxx_projectKey'
    cliProjectName: 'Some Name'
    cliSources: './sources/root'

Is it similar to yours?
Also, the change is propagated only if the Run SonarCloud analysis task succeeds on the next run of the pipeline (or any future run).
If the pipeline step fails, the report is not sent to SonarCloud and the change is not reflected. Similarly, if the report integration fails on SonarCloud side, the change may not happen.
If the results of an analysis, produced after changing the name, are visible on SonarCloud, the name should change.