Invalid Azure URL or Personal Access Token for ALM Integration

Hi @Sylvain_Combe,

thank you for the offer. I’d happily send you all the information. How can I send you something privately without pasting it in the forum ?
From my understanding, I dont have the needed trust level


Hi @chauser

Can you try HTTP instead if HTTPS temporally and send the wireshark stream to see what is happening ?


Hello @Mathieu_Suen,

We have links like this:


We tried with http as well but it does not work:

Invalid Azure URL or Personal Access Token

it is included also:
in sonarqube config file.

Any workaround on this?


We also have checked the Java version 11.x, just in case, and seems to be ok.
Any advice about this?
Thanks in advance.

We were getting the same error in SonarQube and finally found fix to our problem.
Solution: it seems that if basis authentication is turn on in IIS it breaks the use of PATs

We are now able to connect to our DevOps server in SonarQube after turning off basic authentication in IIS on the DevOps server

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Hi Jerry, could you please elaborate how this was fixed? how did u turn off basic authentication in azure devops?

Hi @chauser , was this issue fixed? could you please help me with steps you have followed? currently we are facing this and this had blocked our progress.

We have a VM where SonarQube is running so we had to turn of basic authentication in IIS on the VM
Hope this helps

Hi Jerrry ledet,

I had turned off the basic authentication on Azure devops server and SonarQube server but still it is throwing same error. could you please help me on this.

Hi @DeadPool ,
You will probably get a better response if we know what you have tried already and what error shows in your logs:

  • Copy of entire stack trace of error in SonarQube server logs at DEBUG level (you can download it from Administration > System > Download Web Server logs)
  • Results of running curl to the ADO server
  • Checking your proxy settings (if you have a proxy) in $SQ_HOME/conf/ file

I suggest you create a new thread with all this information so others can help you in a better manner.