Invalid Azure URL or Personal Access Token Azure DevOps Service

I’m trying to configure Sonarqube with our Azure Devops Service (Cloud Version). But everytime I’m trying to connect to the service I get the following error:

Invalid Azure URL or Personal Access Token

I looked though your forum and found these threads

But both of them are using the Azure Devops Server. I checked also the web.log for the “check pat” statement. It is available but nothing else.
I’m running SonarQube behind a Proxy but I think it works correctly, because the marketplace is working.

Is there something I’m missing when I’m using the service and not the server version?

I’m using
Windows Server 2016
SonarQube LTS 8.9
openjdk 11.0.11 2021-04-20

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I found this answer? Is this still correct today that the onPrem SonarQube Version only works with the onPrem Version of DevOps?

Hi @Defqon123 and welcome to our community :slight_smile:

This is not true anymore since version… I don’t remember. Anyway it should work. I personally have no idea why this do not work but I will ping some experts who might have the answer :wink:

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Hey Felix,

Even though the threads you found are related to Azure DevOps Server, they could be a good standing point to start the investigation on why you’re currently getting this error.

I would suggest you to follow this specific post to get a better look at the debug level logs, and to try the suggestions described there (fix the URL and PAT, attempt some simple curl requests).

Let us know how that goes, and feel free to share debug level logs with us so that we can help you further.

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that link is a zoom meeting? can you please correct?

have the exact same issue happening

Hey @tnapplications, sorry about the wrong link. I’ve updated it in my original message, and you can also found it here.

so finally worked out what the issue is for us, the sslpoke utility someone referenced pointed me in the right direction… something has changed between older versions of SonarQube (v8.5 for us) compared to v8.9 LTS in regards to cert enforcement

As described by others, SonarQube would not connect to our DevOps hosted version. connecting to worked perfectly fine in 8.5. Immediately after upgrading to v8.9 the same error as others have posted was received.

Seemingly has to do with something around trusting certificates. Solution was to import our root and subordinate certs for into the java store. I.e. whatever java instance you have configured in your wrapper.conf, the value.

The certs to be imported are the ones that make up the certificate path as used in your Azure Devops chain.

Suspect if you dirty work around is to just use http all the way through

Hope this helps someone else.


@tnapplications thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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