Error in setup integration with Azure DevOps server

We are setting SonarQube 8.9 server currently. It is installed in Windows Server 2019. When setup ALM Integration to connect our Azure DevOps server (version 2020), we encountered an error message “Invalid Azure URL or Personal Access Token”. But if we change the URL from https to http, the connection seems to be successful.

Anyone have any idea about this error occurred for the integration setup? Are there any steps which need to install the SSL cert of our DevOps server to SonarQube/JVM to make it work? Switch from https to http is just a workaround for us and we should connect to our DevOps server through https. Grateful if anyone could help us.

You will need to make sure that the certificate used by your Azure DevOps server is trusted by the JVM that runs your SonarQube server. A tutorial like this should help you.

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It is helpful and my problem solved. Thank you!

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