Integration problem with Sonar Cloud (Azure ABInbev)

We are having a problem with our Java Project in AB-Inbev.
For some reason, our Sonarcloud project started to get 0% of code coverage (it used to have above 95%). We could not identify the root cause of the issue. Do you have any suggestion or places to look at?
Another question please: do we have a support plan where we can get an specialist support besides this community forum?

  • ALM used (Azure DevOps)
  • CI system used (Azure DevOps)
  • Java 11

Hi @Moises_Coelho and welcome to the community forum.

Regarding the support plan, I suggest you reach for your sales contact, to clarify what service your company has subscribed for.

Regarding your issue with Azure DevOps and coverage, is your project public, or do you have a minimal reproducer with a configuration similar to your project, I could have access to?

Otherwise, I would need the following information, without any private data, to be able to help:

  • The azure-pipelines.yml file
  • The configuration file of your build system (build.gradle, pom.xml, …), or at least the parts related to coverage and SonarScanner analysis configuration
  • The logs produced by the SonarScanner during the Azure pipeline execution

Please ask if you prefer to send them privately.