Code Coverage 0.0% Azure DevOps


We have sonarcloud integrated with azure devops, and now we are facing a problem with code coverage, after publishing code coverage it gets 0.0, we have already checked several posts on the forum and we were unable to find the root cause of the problem.

We use it in our project - C # .Net Framework.

Here is the result of Run Code Analysys on azure devops:

run-code-analysys.txt (156.4 KB)

It also follows the trx file and the coverage file that are generated

VssAdministrator_fv-az68_2020-03-18_17_41_57-trx-.txt (15.3 KB)

VssAdministrator_fv-az68 2020-03-18 17_41_00.coverage.txt (2.7 MB)

VssAdministrator_fv-az68 2020-03-18 17_41_00.coveragexml-.txt (3.4 MB)

we use the entire pipeline in azure devops, and we can’t identify where the problem is coming from.

Best Regards,

Philippe Oliveira

Hi @Philippe_Oliveira and welcome to the community !

In the logs, the pattern that you gave for coveragexml file doesn’t find any of it.

Could you please check, or, if you don’t need to generate yourself a coveragexml file, the Scanner will take of that for you, if you have an Enterprise Edition of Visual Studio installed of course (or at least the build tools)