Integration of SonarQube with SSO

I have taken the community references and implemented SSO integration with SonarQube and was able to do the same. But now the error which I am getting is below:

ERROR web[AXShSig9JiAJ/IBYCWrX][c.o.s.a.SamlResponse] The response was received at http://{VMIP}:9000/oauth2/callback/saml instead of https://{SONAR_BASE_URL}/oauth2/callback/saml
ERROR web[AXShSig9JiAJ/IBYCWrX][c.o.saml2.Auth] processResponse error. invalid_response

Here VMIP is the machine on which we have hosted our SonarQube.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the community!

There are a number of other threads in the community where people tackle this issue. You may find them helpful. The search functionality works quite well, but as a starting point:


Thanks @ganncamp . By referring the provided URLs i was able to debug and address the problems with our setup and integration is working as expected.
Browsing through community to address last pending issue where after logging in it is not redirecting to the https URL hence the page does not load.

Thanksalot for support.


Sorry but it’s not clear to me. Is there still an open question on your side?


Yes. SAML integration is working and I am getting AUTH success in logs as well. But it is getting redirected to If I change the URL to or load the on a fresh tab on browser it loads fine and shows the SAML user with whom I have logged in.

So… use the https redirect?