Installed Sonarlint Visual Studio 2019 Extension but no Sonarlint windows appear or open

Visual Studio Community 2019 Version 16.6.5
Sonarlint Extension Version

Installed without any errors.

I opened a solution, opened a C# file. I was expecting something to happen.

Could not open or find any Sonarlint window.
Could not find any docs no showing the Sonarlint window.

Can Sonarlint be used as a standalone extension, or do I have to connect to a SonarQube Server?

Thank you,


Hello Karl, welcome to the community!

Yes, by default SonarLint works as a standalone extension.

Out of the box, it will blend seamlessly into your daily developer experience, its contributions only noticeable when you start editing code: issues found by SonarLint will be underlined in your code, and will be listed in the “Error List” pane.

And that’s it :slight_smile: there is AFAICT no dedicated “SonarLint” window, nor any obtrusive UI element. You can find some documentation in the wiki on GitHub. And for the rest, please do feel free to ask questions and/or provide feedback here on this forum!

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Thank you for a very quick reply. I went back and verified that the below link does not tell developers to go read the wiki to learn how to use the product. Maybe the company can update the below page with instructions to read the wiki. Best regards, Karl

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