What sonarlint to use in visual studio for sonarqube version

I am using SonarLint with version which only offers vsix files for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019. So please install VS 2019 with that version. of the extension.
Unfortunately, I get the message (see attached log file).
Does not show violations…

I look forward to any help or suggestion

Hi @Ruben_Martinez - welcome to the community.

The current version of SonarLint for Visual Studio (v5.4) will with SonarQube v7.9.

There isn’t an attached log file. What error message are you seeing?

Hi, how are you Duncan?
Which visual studio IDE are you referring to, version 2015?
attached log
614496_log+vs+2019+sonarlint+ (3.5 KB)
Stay tuned

Hello @Ruben_Martinez,

The extension is installed correctly.
You are trying to use connected mode and it fails due to an existing file:

Failed to bind project 'C:\Work\automation\ws\serunion\PortalEduca.Api\PortalEduca.Api.csproj'.
A conflicting version of SonarLint.xml has been found. Please delete the file 'C:\Work\automation\ws\serunion\.sonarlint\srneda\CSharp\SonarLint.xml' and remove references to it from your projects, then re-open the solution and try again..

Would you mind deleting this file and updating PortalEduca.Api.csproj so that it doesn’t reference this file anymore? It should work afterwards.

Thank You!

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