SonarQube configure with VS code (1.30)

(Sunil Mandake) #1

Is a Sonarqube is support to visual studio code (version 1.30) if yes then do we need to install sonar lint extension as well. if no then which version of visual studio code it is supported.

Thanks in advance

(Janos Gyerik) #2

You can install the SonarLint extension in VSCode, and connect it to a SonarQube server to benefit from connected mode (custom, centralized quality profile).

(Sunil Mandake) #3

Can we use Sonarqube in Visual Studio Code (Version 1.30 and higher) independently on Windows 10?

SonarQube, Sonarlint and Sonar scanner are depending on each other and mandatory to install

(Janos Gyerik) #4

SonarQube is not something you use in a code editor. It’s a server software with a web interface.

A scanner is a software you run in the directory of your source code, to connect to a SonarQube server. It downloads analyzers and the quality profile to use, runs the analyzers, and uploads results to the SonarQube server.

SonarLint is what you use in a code editor. It exists for VSCode, IntelliJ, Eclipse, and Visual Studio. Yes you can use it without SonarQube. SonarLint doesn’t use a scanner at all.

(Sunil Mandake) #5

Many Thanks

We have installed the Sonar lint in visual studio Code on my Windows machine, but it won’t work.
It would be great if you provide step or link to install Sonar lint for Visual studio code.

(Janos Gyerik) #6

I suggest to never use this phrase without providing further details. This phrase doesn’t give us any clues to investigate.

You could for example provide a snippet of code, in some language X, where you expected issue Y to be raised, but it’s not raised. Or error messages that pop up. Or some other clue that might help understand your situation.

(Sunil Mandake) #7

Please find below the steps followed by me.

  1. Open VS code and add SonarLint extension.
  2. Reload the vs code.
  3. Got the two error
    i. Sonar server not running
    ii. Java run time could not be located install it set the location


  1. I have install java 11.0 on my machine
  2. I have write some in one of the .ts file but no luck.


Could you please review above steps and suggest what is issue or any step missing by me