Install SonarLint Plugins in Anypoint Studio 7.4.x & 7.5.x version


Has anyone used SonarLint plugins installation in Anypoint Studio(Mulesoft) IDE for code analysis. I am using Anypoint Studio 7.4 & 7.5 version, which is basically built on Eclipse.

Going though the documents for Sonarlint plugins installation, it talks about installation of plugins from Eclipse Mars, but how do we install in Anypoint Studio ? Are there any sets of downloadable Jars, that can be installed and needs Class Path setting to work ?

Kindly suggest the way/ approach for this

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Md Yaqoob

Hello, welcome to the community!

I see you mention that Anypoint Studio is built on Eclipse, however it’s not clear to me whether this particular flavor of Eclipse uses the Eclipse Marketplace client.

  • If Anypoint Studio has a “Help > Eclipse Marketplace…” entry, then you should be able to use it to search for and install SonarLint
  • If instead it only has a “Help > Install New Software…” entry, you can either use the online P2 update site, or an offline one
    • The online P2 update site URL is which you can use in “Help > Install New Software… > Add > Location”
    • For offline install, you will need to download one of the<version>.zip files from our binary distribution server, then use it in “Help > Install New Software… > Add > Archive…”

Thanks Jean,

For the warm welcome and for the solution both :slight_smile:

I was able to install the plugins using the Offline install after checking the eclipse version and installing the same supported plugin version

Working further on getting the Rules set for XMLs and Java Script

Thanks & Regards,
Md Yaqoob

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