Inquiry about Generating JSON Report in Jenkins Pipeline

I’m currently working on integrating SonarQube analysis into our Jenkins pipeline, and I’m encountering difficulties in generating a JSON report of the analysis results. Our team requires this JSON format for further processing and integration with our internal systems.

Here’s a summary of what I’m trying to achieve:

  • I’m using a Jenkins pipeline script to trigger SonarQube analysis on our projects.
  • I need to generate a JSON report of the analysis results within the Jenkins pipeline.
  • Despite my attempts, I haven’t been successful in obtaining the JSON report. Instead, I receive an HTML response.

Here’s an excerpt of my Jenkins pipeline script:

“stage(‘SonarQube analysis’) {
steps {
script {
def scannerHome = tool ‘sonarscanner’
withSonarQubeEnv(‘sonarserver’) {
sh “${scannerHome}/bin/sonar-scanner

Welcome :slight_smile:

instead of creating a JSON file yourself you might use webhooks, see

You can also provide additional properties to the JSON payload.


Thank you, Gilbert, for your suggestion!

I appreciate your advice on using webhooks for integrating SonarQube with DefectDojo. However, I’m not quite familiar with how to set up webhooks for this purpose.

Could you please provide some guidance or resources on how to configure webhooks in SonarQube and utilize them effectively with DefectDojo?

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Krishna Prasad

I actually once asked the question of how Sonarqube works with DefectDojo in 2020, but did not receive a satisfactory answer at the time

Discussions on GitHub indicated efforts to create a dedicated API for extracting data from Sonarqube for DefectDojo, although ultimately it was decided not to proceed with this approach

This discussion also mentions some tool generating html reports in Sonarqube

Another Github issue highlighted a problem with setting up the integration due to connection errors and
made some proposals

There’s also a community post from 2023 without a solution

I have not done any further research into this matter.
Right now I see no evidence of a Sonarqube integration at