Automate web hooks for defectdojo

I am using SonarQube and would like to integrate with Defectdojo. We already have some projects in sonar, and I would like to set a web hook in sonarqube, so that any results at each run of pipeline will be sent to defectdojo. I could not find any detailed information on webhooks. I don’t want to integrate sending to defectdojo through script in ci/cd, and I don’t want to create a third party between SonarQube and defectdojo. (third party catches the sonar webhook, parses it and sends to defectdojo). Are there any ways that sonar web hook directly connects to defectdojo?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community!

Did you see these docs? If so, what information were you looking for that you didn’t find?