Infinite loading screen

(Mckilleron) #1

Hi, i’ve just installer sonarqube on a debian server with a postgresql database. I use a nginx proxy to acces on it

I’ve got no errors buy i’ve got an infinite loading loop like that

Got an idea ?

(Alexandre Frigout) #2

What is your SonarQube version ?
Also, do you have this behaviour on every browsers ?

(Alexandre Frigout) listed #4

(Mckilleron) #6


Sonarqube 7.6
I’ve got this behaviour on every browser.

Nothing wrong in logs.

(Mckilleron) #8

i’ve disabled my nginx reverse proxy and now it’s fine, but i need to use it

This is my nginx configuration

location /sonar {
proxy_pass http://localhost:9000/sonar/;

(Alexandre Frigout) #9

Maybe you should avoid using a context in the sonar url as you are already using a proxy.
I suggest you to try to remove the sonar.web.context parameter and set the following in your nginx:

location /sonar {
proxy_pass http://localhost:9000;