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We are setting up SonarQube (v9.5.0.56709, enterprise edition) and a build pipeline in Azure DevOps (task version 5.7.0, using scanner v4.7.0.2747) pulling code from GitHub, with the results being decorated on the GH PR, all as per the docs. All running on Windows machines.

We want to see developers being attributed to the code / issues / etc and set up automatic assignment.

Problem is, no matter what email the user has configured, when presented in SonarQube the author is always “”.

I have checked the pipeline logs, and no apparent errors. All appears to be running smoothly.

Have tried committing with company email address (we have SSO set up etc) in cases the tool is automatically anonymising the data. Also tried adding various things to the SCM account t settings for a user. No joy.

Is this a known issue or generally a known problem? I assume we’ve done something wrong in our configuration, but noticed in another’s post mention of some bugs on windows hosts for scanning so thought best to ask

Think I may have answered my own question from Branch Analysis | SonarQube Docs


Assume the behaviour if the commit history isn’t fully fetched is for the history to be attributed to the default noreply address, if so it’s Git behaviour rather than SonarQube.


Hey, sorry for the late response, did checking out the repo with --unshallow flag resolved your issue?

Sorry to resurrect an old thread - only to say apologies for not replying sooner! Thank you @jacek.poreda for following up. Honestly we didn’t end up trying it as other matters became priorities, though I’m pretty confident that --unshallow (or similar) should solve the problem if we see it again. If I have any further issues on this I’ll start a new thread. Thanks again.

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