Author names are missing | Missing blame information

SonarQube version - 10.0 (Developer Edition)
Repository - Bitbucket Cloud
SonarQube analysis triggered via Jenkins multi-branch pipeline (Branch Source Plugin and Sonar Scanner Plugin configured and put to use)

We have 2 sonar projects - 1 for Backend, 1 for Frontend. Author names are not visible in the project issues for BE project but they are visible in FE project.

I added below code in file which scans for BE issues.

but this doesn’t seem to work. I can always see that authors are not being shown

Also, in the logs I can see a warning message “Missing blame information for following files”.

Can anyone please help how to see the blame info / authors for the issues?

Is it possible you have different clone behavior, such as your BE project doing a shallow clone (not recommended) while your FE project is doing a full clone?

Thanks for your response Colin. My repository is in bitbucket cloud, however, I am using Jenkins’ multi-branch pipeline to clone the repository (not bitbucket-pipelines). Moreover, I don’t see any shallow clone behavior is defined for this pipeline in the configuration - which means I think it’s taking full-clone of the repository.

Thanks. That’s one possibility we can put to the side for now.

Does your frontend project happen to use Git submodules?

In any case – it might be easiest if you put together some DEBUG analysis logs (sonar-scanner -X) of both projects that can be compared.

Keep in mind also that you are running a few versions behind – SonarQube v10.0 is not supported any longer. v10.3 is, however.