In the past few days - all of our code-smells and issues have been resolved magically

in the past few days - all of our code-smells and issues have been resolved magically without code changes that will make them go away
judging from the UI and our ci/cd logs - it looks like analisys is being made - but no issues are being discovered

how do i figure out what is causing it?

Hey there.

What language(s) are you analyzing?

python is the main language
we also have some C/C++ and some typescript/javascript

but it does not matter - this happened to the project as a whole

Please don’t suggest that the information somebody who is trying to help you is asking for “doesn’t matter” – for a number of reasons, it might very well matter!

Besides timestamps, are there really no differences if you, for example, put your analysis logs from two runs (with issues and without) if you run a diff on them?

you are right - i apologize i should not have said that - instead i should have said that

unfortunately i do not have build logs from before - to do diff with
but looking at it again - it looks like the logs report analysis on a much smaller number of files than expected

i am checking my file exclusion rules

Sorry again - you did pointed me to the right direction - the issue was in the settings file - and now it appears that we have it resolved - thanks

Thanks for the follow-up!

Did something ultimately change on your side (the settings file), or was there another external change on our side we should be investigating?

it was a change on our side - but we failed to notice it and the effect it was doing at real time
from the sonar side - would be great to be able to raise some administrative alert if there is some huge jump in the number of issues in both directions
such a change should only happen as a result of a huge code change, or as integrating a new codebase
an alert to the account admins might help us pick such future mistakes faster - and respond to them faster