Impossible to Update Group Description after creation

Sonarqube developper edition

Version : Version

Step to reproduce :

  1. Go to Administration

  2. Go to Security Tab

  3. Go to “Groups” sub tab in security tab

  4. CLick on “Create Group” button and create a group with a description

  5. Select the new created group (create in step 4) in the list and click the configuration button "Update detail for this group :image

  6. Modify the section "Descrcription and click on “Update button”

  • Expected : Description of selected group is updated
  • Current behavior : Error "The ‘Id’ Parameter is missing is display and description can NOT be updated

Hi there @Vince3S,

Thanks for the report.

This bug was already logged in our system and is planned to be fixed with the release of SonarQube 8.5.


Perfect Philippe ! Nice the correction is on going. I’ll wait for it.

Best regards

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