Import of CSS into HTML rule descriptions does not work

Hi there!

We have been using some CSS styling in rule descriptions of our Java plugin. As of now these CSS parts are still all “in-line”.
I tried declaring a global CSS file and put all the styling attributes in there, so that I can then just import it in the HTML files of the rule descriptions. Locally these HTML files load fine, but once I build the plugin and deploy it on a SonarQube instance, the styling is not there.

Has anyone encountered this problem before and know how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance and greetings

Has anyone had a similar problem and maybe know a solution to this? Or is such a feature for SonarQube maybe already in planning?

About rule descriptions, our language analyzers provide some basic html without style information (only <h2>,<p>,<ul>, <li>, <pre>, <code>…) and we have no plan to consider adding style information.
And if one day we do, it will not be so simple because our html descriptions are embedded in several products (SonarQube, SonarClould, SonarLint,