Can't find any examples of Stylelint Report Files

Community Edition
Version 9.6.1 (build 59531)

I’m trying to add custom CSS and SCSS rules by specifying report files in under Administration->External Analyzers.

But I can’t find any JSON file examples anywhere.

I’ve tried adding my own rules in a JSON file like this:

      "selector-pseudo-class-no-unknown": [
          "ignorePseudoClasses": ["global"]

But I get Java exception when it tries to apply rules in my custom file.

Has anyone used this feature that can provide some guidance? The documentation says to go and look on

But I don’t find anything there that looks like a “report” configuration in JSON format.


Per the docs the only supported way to add additional rules for CSS is to run them before analysis, and convert the issue report to the Generic Issue Report format.