Impact of activating "Automatic sync with GitHub"

Hey guys,

We’ve been using SonarCloud in manual mode to add members for a while now. There are a lot of ADMIN members. We’d like to activate the automatic sync with our GitHub account but would like to know what impact this will have on the current members particularly in terms of whether it will change their membership status? i.e. will ADMINs stay as ADMINs

Is there any other impact activating this mode will have that I may not be aware of?

FYI, I’ve read this documentation


Hello @tl-liam-williamson, welcome to the community forum!

The permissions you have set while in manual mode will not be removed when you activate the automatic sync. However if you have a user that is a member of your SonarCloud organization but is not a member of your GitHub organization, this user and all it’s permissions will be removed.

Hope that helps!

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