Images in GitHub Pull Request Decoration

  • Running SonarQube 8.1 EE installed in Azure
  • We have a reverse proxy installed that is configured to allow (say) GitHub webhooks to connect to build servers… but have no configuration (yet) for SonarQube.
  • Having read the SQ 8.1 release announcement, I am seeking to configure Pull Request decoration in
  • I followed the steps in decoration documentation
  • I seem to have got things mostly working, but images are not displaying.

The images are proxied via GitHub camo. I read the section on Viewing images on private networks and think that I should be OK providing our reverse proxy is configured to allow camo to connect to our SQ.

Am I correct in this thinking?

If so, has anyone got a screenshot showing an example of what things are supposed to look like in GitHub? There is nothing in the SQ 8.1 release announcement nor the documentation (hint hint!)

Most importantly, what would be the IP addresses used by camo when camo makes a request? ie, the info that is needed for our reverse proxy configuration.

One last thing… how should notifications be best configured in the GitHub app that handles SQ pull requests?

Whilst I never got a response to this query, no matter! I stayed up until the wee hours last night installing SonarQube 8.6 on my test server and images are now working. My devs are delighted.

Separate to the fixing of images in Pull Request Decoration, I am also able to feedback that the new wizard for ALM integration really helps. When I was fiddling with trying to fix PRs back in January I accidentally granted an extra permission when configuring the Github App for my test SQ server. Well, the wizard in SQ immediately flagged this and I was able to correct things in moments. Awesome!


Hey @msymons, thank you very much for your feedback, it is truly appreciated by everyone here :wink:

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