IIS reverse proxy slow response

Hello, i have configured SonarQube with IIS reverse proxy with SSL offload following these articles
Configure SSL for SonarQube on Windows and SonarQube Users: Let's talk about IIS and SAML Authentication!
The SonarQuve configured as service

The portal by http localhost opens very fast but through iis it takes 15 seconds to show up web form for initial connection ( after refresh it works fine).
So looks like the initial connection or SSL offload takes a lot of time
Here are my settings of IIS


Default web config

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> The server is clean installation of windows server 2019 Maybe i missed something in this IIS configuration.

UPD with adding http binding the access real fast. Probably issue in SSL offloading.

Incorect network settings. Issue can be closed.

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