Ignore Issues on Files Regular Expressions

Using SonarCloud with a private project and Azure DevOps CI build to run a Sonar analysis.
Getting Duplicate code warning on our classes that are returning stubbed data.
Using the Ignore Issues on Files in scope analysis section to exclude any public class that ends in the word ‘Stub’:

Have triggered a new pipeline run each time I try a new setting
Trying various regex expressions but none have worked for me.

Regex tried:
(public class [A-Z])+[A-Za-z]*Stub

As well as wildcard regex, i.e. public class *Stub

Any idea as to how this can be implemented to work?


I think the * used in the screenshot uses sql syntax. try the syntax from this link https://www.vogella.com/tutorials/JavaRegularExpressions/article.html.
I think replacing the *stub by \S+stub should do the trick but I am not too sure.