How do we ignore Duplicated Lines (%) issues for particular files?

Sonarqube Version: Data Center Edition - Version 9.6 (build 59041)
I am trying to ignore duplicate warnings for particular set of file (DTO classes).

I tried using sonar property while running scan sonar.cpd.exclusions=.* but still have same duplicate issues.
Tried ignore issues on Multiple criteria, SS attached here. But Still getting duplicate issues.

Hey there.

If you have a Data Center Edition license, you certainly have access to SonarSource’s Commercial Support Offering. I’d encourage you to take advantage of it.

And, you can’t use . in the File Path Pattern. If you want to exclude all files that end with, a more appropriate pattern would be **/*

This pattern needs to be used in scan sonar.cpd.exclusions or on ui in section “Ignore issues on Multiple criteria” ?

Also how can I use commercial support, is there any option on sonar qube ui?
I tried get help option and that lends me here.

The exclusion would be set under Ignore issues on Multiple criteria.

I would recommend reaching out to the team running your SonarQube instance with regard to being able to access SonarSource Commercial Support.